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Terms of Carriage
 Terms of Carriage


The Rules in this Terms of Carriage constitute the conditions applicable to flights operated by Jet Asia Airways in which we transport or agree to transport passenger and their baggage, whether such flights are marketed by us or by another carrier. The Rules in this Terms of Carriage apply to tickets issued for our operated flights and these Rules are expressly agreed to by the passenger.

The Jet Asia Airways Terms of Carriage are governed by  The Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air, signed at Warsaw, 12 October 1929 (the Warsaw Convention); The Warsaw Convention as amended at The Hague on 28 September 1955; The Warsaw Convention as amended at the Hague and by Additional Protocol No. 4 of Montreal (1975); The Guadalajara Supplementary Convention (1961); The Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules relating to International Carriage by Air, signed at Montreal 28 May 1999 (the Montreal Convention); Any other applicable protocols or conventions and any enabling legislation.


Fare Product describes the bundle of products and services. Fare Rules means the terms and conditions applicable to your Booking. 

Fare Rules can differ between Fare Products, and can be found at www.flyjetasia.com.

Passenger means any person with a booking who is to be carried, or who is carried, on an aircraft except members of the crew.

Itinerary means a document or documents we or our authorised Agents issue to Passengers traveling on a Booking which includes the Passenger name, flight information and notices.

Jet Asia Airways is, we, us, for the purposes of these Terms of Carriage means Jet Asia Airways Company Limited (Thai Registration No. 0105552137310) and shall include all employees and agents acting on behalf of Jet Asia Airways.

Smoking Strictly Prohibited

Smoking is not permitted at any time on any Jet Asia Airways flight and Interline partner airlines.  

Check-In Policy & Procedures

Passengers cannot travel without all required travel documents including a valid Passport and Visa (if required) governments may require Jet Asia Airways to provide information on or permit access to passenger data.

The times shown on the Ticket or Itinerary Receipt (ITR) are the scheduled Departure & Arrivals times of the flight.  Check-In times are to ensure Passengers are available for boarding at the appropriate time. Check-In Policy shows the minimum times at which passengers can be accepted for travel and which passengers must present themselves for boarding. Jet Asia Airways may refuse boarding if passengers are late to the Departure Gate.

Check-In opens 3 hours before departure and closes 1 hour before departure. Passengers are required to be at the gate 45 minutes before departure and the Departure Gate will close 20 minutes before scheduled departure time.

Passengers are allowed a minimum 23 Kilograms Check-In  Baggage Allowance and Carry-On Baggage Allowance of 7 Kilograms plus a Laptop Computer in a Carry Case. 

Denied Boarding

Flights may be overbooked, and there is a slight chance that a seat will not be available on a flight even if you have a confirmed reservation. In most circumstances, if you are denied boarding involuntarily, you are entitled to compensation. When required by applicable law Jet Asia Airways will solicit volunteers before anyone is denied boarding involuntarily.

Ticket Refunds

Jet Asia Airways will only refund tickets based on the specific Fare Terms & Conditions.

Baggage Policy

Check-In Baggage Allowances, Jet Asia Airways standard baggage allowances are based on the Fare Categories as shown:

Passengers are allowed a free Sports Equipment Allowance for Golf Clubs.  

Passengers must not include the following items in their Check-In baggage:

Cabin Baggage Allowance

Maximum of 2 pieces of Check-In Baggage is allowed per passenger irrespective total weight. Passengers are allowed 7 Kilograms of Cabin Baggage & Laptop in a case.

Baggage Liability Limitations

Baggage is considered lost after 21 days. Jet Asia Airways liability is limited in accordance with the relevant conventions* governing air travel.